The Sum of the Parts

I do, however, have favorite moments of filming, some of which were caught on camera and some not. In episode 1, taking the field was such a surreal experience. We were like little kids in the tunnel, getting our pictures taken and sending videos to our friends - being out on the field on the 50-yard line was something I will never forget! While that was an exhilarating experience, the episode that I connected with the most was the second one.  It touched me on such an emotional level because I could relate so well on such a personal level. I think that is what the show does well - help people connect on so many levels. I think everyone will find something they can relate to! It was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to start filming again!

Full Circle, Philadelphia Style

Later that night in our hotel room, we eagerly watched the news to find out if I would have my first TV “appearance” ever. Indeed I did. And now 45 years later, my first time on national TV will also be in Philadelphia, on the exciting new Amazon Prime series, “Wolf PAC of Philadelphia”!

Life came full circle for me again when Craig Shoemaker and Kent Griswold asked me to be a member of the Wolf PAC. Kent described the concept and the other “Wolves” who had already signed on. “Do you know Len Lodish?” he asked. “He’s a Wharton professor.” Do I know Len Lodish? You mean Professor Lodish, Chair of the Wharton Marketing Department when I was an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia? Are you kidding me?? Of course I knew Len and of course I would relish the opportunity to work with him! Once I got over calling him Len rather than Professor Lodish, we had a blast filming the show and applying all those marketing lessons from years ago that are still fundamental today. 

For me, the “full circle” theme is perhaps what I love most about the Wolf PAC. Having built a successful career managing and advising some of the biggest brands in the US and around the world over the past three decades, it was time for me to find even more impactful ways to give back to my community. The Wolf PAC formula of helping local entrepreneurs succeed AND supporting the non-profits that matter to them and to me is a perfect combination that completes the circle for me. Life has a way of doing that, coming full circle, and I’m grateful that the Wolf PAC of Philadelphia helps to make that happen for so many. 

Now I just need Craig to schedule an extra stop for me on the next episode – back at the Liberty Bell, where it all started!