I Don't Know How To Spell FALEYOUR!

The shiny object!  But, our business did not easily translate to those cultures, the language barrier made it challenging and it distracted us from more lucrative opportunities closer to home, so we eventually reverted to a domestic-only company.  There are lots of ways to grow your business, but there are fewer ways to do it intelligently.  

When I first launched The Wolf PAC, it was called BizzShow and it pitted two companies against each other to compete for investment and support from the Wolves.  It was shot in a studio and it felt staged and stale.  

We released it on YouTube and it languished there – another failure in the making, time and money down the drain.  But if I had given up and not shared this idea with Craig Shoemaker and been open to doing things differently, The Wolf PAC that is now viewed all over the world would never have happened.  I picked myself up, embraced my embarrassment, and realized that a huge FALEYOUR can lead to an even bigger SUCKSAYS.